DualEnroll.com streamlines and automates the enrollment of high school students in college courses, ensures college standards are met for courses in the high school, and makes it easy to manage high school instructors.

Complete Program Management

DualEnroll.com dynamically manages your unique process for registration, instructor on-boarding and course credentialing, automatically initiating new steps as the previous ones are completed. It enforces your policies, automatically sends reminders to keep processes on track, and supports courses taught on-campus, online, or at the high school.

Multi-Faceted Course Finder

Students see only courses that meet their criteria, enabling them to easily navigate course options across locations and delivery formats. Icons provide visual cues for additional ease of use. Course list can be filtered by any combination of:



Permission and Payment

Parents can provide consent via email and pay online via credit card, debit card, or bank debit. DualEnroll.com supports tuition waiver, high school pay, student pay, scholarships and split payment arrangements.

End-to-end Process Management

DualEnroll.com guides students through the registration process and prompts for all required items with automated reminders for late or missing items. Customizable views and batching capabilities make it quick and easy for high schools and colleges to manage students through the registration process.


Technology Advantage

DualEnroll.com is a native web application, not an extension of a legacy system or third-party application . While the investment to purpose-build a true application is substantial, it’s the only way to ensure stability, security, and future feature enhancements for our customers. Ask us why DualEnroll.com is the right choice for your college.


Course Credentialling

Ensuring the quality of courses taught in high schools is critical but difficult. DualEnroll.com lets you mirror your on-campus course approval processes with high school instructors and preserves an audit trail for accreditors and internal reviews.

Instructor Management

DualEnroll.com centralizes qualification, contact and schedule information for part-time high school instructors and makes it easy to coordinate courses and track compliance with ongoing credentialing requirements like site visits.



Reporting and Analytics

All your program data is stored in one central database, enabling any kind of reporting needed for compliance or program improvement. Dashboards enable instant visualization of critical program metrics.